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Firm Overview

Sayad & Biren is a firm engaged in the practice of employment law, with its myriad of legal issues. Since its inception in 1983, the firm has successfully represented employees and employers in a wide variety of employment matters as described on the Practice Areas page.

The firm’s practice includes legal representation in the state and federal courts in California and before administrative and government agencies. Ms. Sayad, a former Assistant United States Attorney, is also licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

The firm counsels and advises employees on their legal rights, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, equal pay and whistleblower issues, wage and hour issues, noncompetition/non-solicitation agreements, represents employees in misconduct and harassment investigations, drafts employment contracts, offer letters, severance and settlement agreements, and, among other matters, counsels and advises employers on compliance with the law including wage and hour issues, conducts misconduct and harassment investigations, and assists employers in drafting and implementation of proper employment law policies and practices.